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You wish to send your children overseas to study? Why not in Australia ?





Boomerang Australia Studies is an independent consultancy specializing in Australian Studies, established in 1999 in Sydney.We are the pioneers in this field for Francophones and have accumulated valuable experience. We are funded primarly by Australian institutions and our advice is free.
We offer programs for all ages: juniors, students, professionals, and retirees.

Their team of consultants is here to facilitate your departure wheter you are a student or professional: They will advise you, guide you through every stage of your registration, and will follow you until the end of your stay or contract.
They visited all Australian institutions they represent and have selected their partners carefully.
Life in Australia has no secrets for them; they have all the contacts necessary to offer you a trouble-free stay!
Therefore, their experience allows them to offer customized programs.

Their advantages are to be present in France (Lyon), Canada (Montreal) and Sydney in Australia. They often visit New Caledonia, Reunion, Mayotte and French Polynesia. Their advices are free and personalized.

Listening: ensure we have understood your request and are reactive to your needs.
Integrity: be the most honest and transparent possible in our working relationship with you.
Enthusiasm: demonstrate a sincere motivation to make sure your project in Australia is achieved according to your timing and in the
best possible conditions.
Experience: constantly improve our knowledge, diversify our programs and services on offer, always considering your opinion.
Efficiency: find a solution to all types of projects that we are presented with (training, investments, migration… in Australia).

Personalized advices in French to select the adapted programs to your profile and budget.
Regular follow-up during your stay if needed;
We are located in Australia (in Sydney) where you need our assistance most;
Reactivity to your needs: we guarantee a response to all your doubts and questions; Emergency number available.

We will give you constant assistance during all the steps of your project in Australia until completion;

Transparency regarding billings: You will receive a clear quote in Australian Dollar AU$
Before your departure, you will have access to a virtual map of Australia that will allow you to visualize your new life in Australia.

You will receive a Welcome Kit before departure or on arrival, which includes all tips to settle down easily, find a job and meet all legal requisites in Australia…
A personalised Welcome meeting in our Sydney office if you settle in or near this city will be offered.

Quality translation services at very reasonable prices by our accredited NAATI translator (AU$35/page for documents).

Our services include:

– Personalised advice about everything you need to know about study opportunities in Australia: options adapted to your needs, budget and information you provided us with;

– Assistance with all the steps you have to go through in the enrolment process: application form, adequate support documentation, payment, travel, visas…;

– Arrival arrangements (airport pick ups or transfers);

– Accommodation arrangements;

– A Welcome kit : include all tips to settle down easily, find a job and be lawful with the Australian authorities…

– A follow up during your stay until your departure

– Assistance to extend your stay in Australia

– Travel assistance within Australia.


All Australian institutions they represent are accredited by the Australian Government and therefore their training is recognized internationnally.
They guarantee the quality of their teaching, as they review their arrangements according to the testimony of their students.


Boomerang offers linguistic trainings, professional trainings, academic and  secondary studies… in all major cities in Australia, short or long term.

Specific programs:
Post-Bac Students Programs that allow you to improve your English while waiting to continue your studies in France

WHV (Working Holiday Visa): “Starter Packs” allow you to install peacefully in the city of your choice


For students:
Boomerang Australia Studies
144 Crown St, Sydney NSW 2010 Level 2

Australia (Head Office):
Phone: + 612 9356 4125
Fax: + 612 9475 4078

For professionals and businesses:
Boomerang Australia Consulting
Phone: + 612 9356 4125
Fax: + 612 9475 4078