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Investir 500.000 AUD en Australie

16th Friday, 2018

How to look at the investment property market with a different eye…


First, we are all curious investors but our curiosity is often limited to our close neighborhood.


Please let me show you that investing is all about …investigating!


Most of us in this room live in Sydney or its surroundings. We all know the property market is very high.


Does it mean SYDNEY represents all Australia?


Of course not.


During these few minutes I will try to show you how to seek investment opportunities beyond your own city.


In order to have comparable, I will base this presentation on a budget of $500,000:


What can I get and what rent can I expect in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Sunshine Coast.



Studio (40 sqm) in Potts point

Rent : 500 pw



1 bedroom unit with views and parking, brand new (so tax benefits such as depreciation but this is not my field)

Rent : 450 pw



1 bedroom unit with views and parking, brand new.

Rent : 430 pw



2 bedrooms unit with views and parking, brand new.

Rent : 600 pw


Sunshine Coast

2 bedrooms unit with views and parking, brand new.

Rent : 450 pw


You can do the same exercise with every city in Australia.


What I wanted to show you is that the market is not uniform.


It’s all about opportunities:


Sydney is saturated?

Did you know that there are commercial properties for sale at $300,000 with an estimated rent of 500 pw?


Melbourne is not better?

Did you know that a lot of Asian investors can’t settle their properties purchased off plans 2 to 4 years ago? You can take over the contracts and negotiate with the developer freebies (furniture package, stamp duties, extras / upgrades) that can result in tens of thousands of savings?


Brisbane is a volatile market?

Did you know that the biggest infrastructure budget ever voted in Australia is for Brisbane? Did you know that the biggest interstate migration is toward Brisbane?

It means jobs and rental demand!


Canberra is only for bureaucrats?

There is the highest average income for the whole country, a chronic shortage of rental units and the highest yield in the whole country (yield=rental income)? Of course few of us would like to live in Canberra but… I’m talking about investment and hard cold statistics…


Sunshine Coast is only good for its beaches?

Did you know the Government just built there the biggest hospital in Australia? Actually it’s also the 6th biggest hospital in the southern hemisphere with 10,000 jobs, a new airport and a new CBD, the first new CBD for more than 50 years. Where most of us think holidays, I see growth, jobs and potential tenants!


As you can see, if you decide to invest in the property market, there are many many opportunities…


Real Estate agents should not only show you properties in your neighborhood, we can also show you properties that may be a bit further away but tailored to your needs: it’s all about opportunities!